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Members Responsibilities

Firstly, and most importantly, please, please, please, ensure that you inform the Company Secretary ( of new contact details.  When officers move on and new officers move into post it means emails are ‘undeliverable’ if we do not have new contact details.

How can you help us help you?

As the Institute has become more established our participation on government working groups and stakeholder committees has increased.  Whilst the Board has a wealth of diverse experience and ability, additional support, views and ideas are always welcome. 

Land Data, with the assistance of LLCI recently set up the LA Stakeholder Group. The group has overseen work on a number of development projects and new initiatives as well as acting as consultees on some policy and practice issues involving NLIS. The membership of this group comes largely from outside the LLCI Executive and as such we are always looking for those members who, whilst perhaps not wanting to sit on the Board, feel they can make a positive contribution to the work of the Institute. If you feel that you can make a difference then why not contact a member of the Board. 


Email and passing on information

The Institute will send an Email notification informing members that Minutes, Agendas, general information and updates from the LLCI Board are available to download from the Members Area of the website.


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