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Member Information

The Local Land Charges Institute (LLCI) was formed in November 2000 as a result of the amalgamation of two individual associations

NALLCO, The National Association of Local Land Charges Officers
ALLCO, The Association of Local Land Charges Officers.

LLCI was formed from the two Associations which, already sharing the same aims and objectives, felt that amalgamation would provide them with a stronger voice and give organisations, including central and local government departments/agencies as well as external, a single point of contact. 

The LLCI consists of two branches, Southern and Northern.  The Branches are divided in this way solely for administration purposes and to divide the workload of Members of the Executive.  Members of LLCI may attend all meetings and have sight of the Minutes of both the Southern and Northern Branches. 

Management of the Institute

The Executive Committee manages the Institute and The Executive Committee must ratify all the recommendations of Working Parties or (and) Sub-Committees. 


The Executive Committee consists of either practising Local Land Charges Officers or persons who have management responsibility for the Service within the employment of City, County, District, Unitary, London Borough or Metropolitan Authorities.

The Executive of each Branch is made up of 4 persons.  The Executive Members carry out the work of the Institute on a voluntary basis.  Each of their authorities fully support the work they do for LLCI, however it is only possible for them to undertake much of this work  by ensuring LLCI time is made up, therefore the main bulk of LLCI work is carried out during their own time.

Ratification of the election of Executive Members will take place at the Annual General Meeting of the Institute.  The AGM takes place annually at the National Local Land Charges Conference.  Nominations are sought for positions of Executive Members at Branch AGM's.  Any Member of the Institute may be nominated to stand for any of the Executive positions.

The role of Chair and Vice Chair rotate.  The position of President is recommended by the Board and put forward for endorsement at the AGM.

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