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Full Membership of the Institute is open to all Officers involved in the discharge of the Local Land Charges function, their deputies and staff employed in City, County, District, Unitary Borough and Metropolitan Authorities and employees of Government Departments responsible for Local Land Charges.

Upon payment of the annually set subscription fee, representatives of any of the above may attend meetings.  This subscription entitles each authority to send two members of staff to any Institute meeting; (one vote per authority); receive copies of all Institute agendas, minutes, consultation and information items.  Members may also submit verbal or written views for consideration in response to consultation, web site access and send one person free of charge to LLCI seminars.

The Institute aims to hold meetings at regular intervals, unless events dictate otherwise.  The meetings are used to update Members on any current initiatives, work in progress, legislation or working party activity as well as providing a forum for discussion and problem solving.  Members also exchange knowledge, views and ideas and raise the standing of Local Land Charges in general by promoting its image within local government and the legal profession.

The Institute has over three hundred and fifty Members from across England and Wales. We invite speakers to our meetings from organisations such as the Land Registry, English Heritage, the National Radiological Protection Board and many others already mentioned above

LLCI has come from nowhere to national recognition in just a few years. Government departments, local authority associations and the legal profession consult LLCI directly about the things that affect all Local Land Charges officers.  We are able to tell Members about changes affecting them more quickly than any other organisation or normal channels of communication. We have the opportunity to share and learn from other Members’ experiences, to campaign for changes in legislation and to present a united front as Local Land Charges officers. 

Perhaps the greatest benefit of all is that we have established a network of expertise in Local Land Charges that is available to Members. Just by looking through the Membership list and picking up the phone you can request help if you’re struggling with a particular registration or can’t answer an awkward letter - someone somewhere has already been through the same situation and will be happy to tell you how they solved it. You are not alone!

Southern Region meetings are usually held in London. Northern Branch meetings are held at various venues across the country, this is to ensure as many Members as possible get the chance to attend at least some of the meetings.

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